Review Policy

When rating books I tend to focus on a few key things:

-strength of the writing

-the characters

-strength of the general plot

I try not to add any spoilers in the review as I really want to respect those who have to read the selection I have picked. I review books as I read them and length of review will generally depend on my feelings. I use a 1-4 scale to coincide with Goodreads and Amazon reviews. I try to write as fair a review as possible focusing on what I like and what I did not like in every book. In that view I rarely feature 1 star reviews. All reviews will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon as permitted by those sites.

I only review books in the YA, New Adult, or Adult Romance genres.I gravitate towards Fantasy, Paranormal, and Mystery sub-genres, but am willing to give any book a chance if I feel it is interesting enough.

If you do reach out with a review request please be certain that you are giving me enough time to read and write a thorough review. I will only review books that I am genuinely interested in and will provide an honest but fair opinion.

I prefer physical copies but am open to Ebooks in the mobi format.I do not except PDF versions as I find them difficult to read even on an eReader.

The best way to reach out in regards to a review request is to email me or reach out on Twitter @YAGoldenMantle

If I do not get back to you please feel free to reach out once more. I received many emails and sometimes my SPAM filter is too good.


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