About Me


A lil’ about me. Hmm. Well, I’m 25 and have been reading YA since I was in 4th grade–started with Harry Potter–and have recently transitioned into the New Adult/Adult romance sections thanks to a great friend of mine. I majored in English in college where I continued to foster a love of reading and analyzing books. My reviews tend to focus on character and plot development, since what captivates me is the actual process of writing. My favorite books are ones that have kick-ass females who can wield a weapon and still get the guy.

This blog is a little over a year old and growing every post. If you ever notice something changing or different it’s because I love to experiment with my formats based on the feedback I received from readers. Plus, I like to mix it up depending on what I think will be most interesting.

I currently reside in Washington, D.C. where I am lucky enough to have access to a ton of really awesome book stores, which is kind of a problem for a book addict like myself. I currently teach English at the Middle School level, but have worked in Marketing and Educational Sales prior to realizing I’m my best me in a classroom full of eager young learners.

I’m always look for book suggestions and ways to make the blog better so please don’t hesitate to reach out either via the comment section of email me at thegoldenmantle@gmail.com  You can also find me on Twitter where I like to tell short 140 word stories. Follow me @YAGoldenMantle -Amanda







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