Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Historical Settings I Love


I adore historical fiction in all of its forms, but there are definitely some era that I prefer reading about over others. Here is my list of Ten Historical Eras I can’t get enough of, as hosted by The Broke and Bookish. 

1. The Victorian Era: This is my absolute favorite era to read about. There’s something about this era, the mysticism and propriety of it make for some wonderful storylines. 

2. The Tudor-Era: This is my favorite historical era, but I have yet to read a ton of books from this era that I have loved which is a shame.

3. The Regency Era: Austen made this one a must when thinking about historical eras in fiction.

4. Grecian-Roman Era: This era is one full of mysticism and magic. The belief of multiple gods lends a storyteller towards the ability to weave a magical tale.

5. Industrial Era: I have yet to read a good YA from this period, but I think that this could lead to some wonderful tales.

6. American Revolution: Corsets and tea throwing. Someone write something about this!

7. WWII: Going to be honest, not the biggest fan of this era until I got into Captain America and Peggy Carter. I want to see a female spy fighting for her country!

8. 1800’s Scotland: I blame “Outlander!”

9. France 1800’s: Big hair and even bigger corsets.

10. I honestly can’t think of a 10th; readers what would you suggest? 

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