Random Rantings: Have You Noticed I’m on Hiatus?


In case you have not noticed, I have barely been posting lately. I have a reason. I mean it’s not a great reason but I totally have a reason. I am embarking on my first year of solo teaching. SUPER-EXCITING! Only problem with the first year is that I am neck deep in planning, grading, learning, and generally not trying to feel like a crappy solo teacher. This leaves little time for reading and even less time for blogging, especially since everyday I spend my free time telling myself I will eventually figure out what I am doing. I’m sure I will. There is a reason that they say the first year of teaching is the hardest, and it is not because of the kids. In the past, I’ve always had help, and now I am responsible for making certain that once my 70 students leave me at the end of the year, they are slightly better writers than when they originally entered my classroom. I am entering the third week here and trying to just take it one step at a time. 

What does this crazy long rant mean and why am I posting it on the blog? Well, it means that once I get situated I am totally coming back! I have been catching up on some older books as I anxiously await some newer releases. I am getting accustomed to a crazy long day (waking up at 4:30 and getting home after 9 is the definition of brutal). However, blogging is constantly on my mind. Currently, I am contemplating going to Yall Fest in November and trying to get through ARCS that I am shamefully behind on reading. Bare with me guys, it’s a slow and steady situation, but before you know it I’ll be back and ready  to talk books. 

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