Review and Giveaway: Secrets Don’t Keep by Elora Ramirez

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Title: Secrets Don’t Keep by Elora Ramirez

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Publication Date: August 10th, 2015

Genre: YA Thriller

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Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: My name is Kera Collins, and I would do anything for a golden nod.
At first glance, my life appears perfect: the best friends, the best school, the attention of Dex Albright, the deliciously irresistible grandson to the Headmaster. All I need is the prestige behind La Boheme, an elite secret society formed within the walls of my school, and my life would be complete. Once I’m in, I’ll be the one with all of the secrets.
                                                    It’s just…no one told me these secrets could kill



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What I liked: This played into all my teenage dreams of going to boarding school and being taped by a secret society. Maybe that’s weird, but I loved the content here, especially because at the end of the day, everything is not always as it seems. Also, maybe I’m dating myself but this began to give me major Skull and Bones flashbacks. That’s a testament to the richness of Ramirez descriptions, that she made me believe all of this craziness was actually possible, and why is that, because these characters are actually kind of real. What kind of kids create a secret society that intense you may ask yourself as you read this–SUPER RICH ONES! Too much money leads to too much entitlement, leads to teens with no boundaries, which is kind of a strong basis for a book. Anyone who has ever read a review here knows I love a character driven novel, and though I did not find this one to be so such character driven, I did find it to be driven by relationships and not necessarily just the romantic ones. 

What I didn’t like: None of the characters really grabbed onto me. I need someone to really connect with or root for whether it be the MC, her best-friend, or a love-interest I really crave that connection because it helps me to be invested in what is happening. Unfortunately, I did not feel that. While this is a fantastic read and incredibly thrilling, I just felt like these kids were too much for me; Even Kera, the MC. I wanted more ‘real moment’ if that makes sense, because it all started to feel very fantastical.

Overall, if you like fast-paced extravagance and deep mystery you should pick this up ASAP 3.5/5


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Elora Ramirez has been telling stories her whole life.

 It started when she was four, when she taught herself how to read and write as a way to entertain herself while her grandmother kicked and danced in aerobics class. She cut her teeth on books from Dr. Seuss and writing anywhere she could find the space — including her Fischer Price kitchenette, the pages of picture books, and Highlights Magazines.

 She’s matured a bit since then, now choosing to write in the margins of her books and on the mirrors of her apartment ideas and thoughts surrounding story and what makes us human. You can read more on her blog,


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