Top Ten Tuesdays: 10 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From



For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by The Broke and Bookish is all about the author’s who I have read the most books from. This was surprisingly easy/hard–how you ask–because I read a lot of series and I can’t remember all those authors! This required some Goodreads sleuthing and me kicking myself for not getting a Goodreads back in the day. DAMN ME. 


1. Jennifer L. Armentrout: I’m not sure how many books I have read from this women, but since she produces like 5 a year (probably more) I know it’s been a lot. From my count I have read 2 series from her, read most of her romance novels, and have started the first books in her new series. I’m guessing over the last couple of years I have read a cool dozen books from her. 

2. Cassandra Clare: There’s like a million Shadowhunter books and I’ve read them all because I can’t stop. Plus, they all kind of tie-together.

3. Ellen Hopkins: I am not usually a reader of Contemporary but I enjoy the way she attacks the deep, dark issues.

4. Lemony Snicket: I devoured “A Series of Unfortunate Events” when I was a Middle-Schooler and they are books I turn back to, to this day.

5. Francine Pascal: There are like 1,000 ‘Sweet Valley’ books and I’m sure I’ve read somewhere between 90-98% of them. Guys, it was hard for a YA lover in the late 90’s early 2000s

6. Meg Cabot: She has written several YA and Adult series, all of which I have read. I’m eagerly awaiting the adult companion to ‘The Mediator’ series.

7. Janet Evanovich: I saw the ‘One for the Money’ movie starring Katherine Heigl and knew I needed to read these books. If you haven’t, you should pick them up ASAP. They are funny, thrilling, and you’ll go through them so quickly.

8. Marissa Meyer: I’ve read the entire Lunar Chronicle series (minus Winter) plus the companion. This is a bit unusual for me, because if a series spans multiple years I tend to loose interest until 5 years later when I finally pick it back up. Sue me, I’m weird.

9. Charlaine Harris: The ‘Sookie Stakehouse’ novels were way better than ‘True Blood’ the show. 100% better. They opened me up to Harris’ wonderful sassy and steamy writing. Her other series are just as good, so be sure to pick them up.

10. J. K. Rowling: I’m sure there’s an author I’ve read more books from, but I can’t think of anyone else right now. Also, those last books are LONNNG and as my students always say “I’m counting them as more than one.”

So that’s this week’s list. I can’t wait to read yours. 




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