Random Ramblings: Finding Time To Read aka I’m in a Slump

shinythingsThis meme perfectly describes my life right now, except not really. This Summer was supposed to be a relaxing Summer where I could focus on my own personal goals and not my students (not that I don’t love them but by God I spend a lot of time with kids). Needless to say, in typical me fashion that totally went out the window. I’m teaching five classes next year, four different grades, continuing tutoring this Summer, and trying to work on some solo projects. What was supposed to be a relaxing Summer filled with books and sleep is not turning out that way. When I do get time to read I’m finding it really difficult to pick up a book/kindle/etc, which doesn’t really fly since I have this blog and I have ARCs and a Goodreads goal. Sometimes it takes me a whole week plus to finish one book, which is crazy for me. During the school year, aka the height of my having no time, I still manage to average 2-3 books a week. This has happened before, I’m in a slump.

I hate slumps. Hate, Hate, Hate. It makes something I love doing feel like a chore, and I have enough of those. Reading should be fun. It should fill me with so much joy and inspiration that I just want to actually go exercise. Lately, I’d rather run 10 miles than read, which sucks because I have so, so, so many books to read. Good ones.

The only good thing to come out of this slump is that I’m focused on my own writing. Taking classes, getting a critique partner–not hiding my MS like its some sort of dirty secret. I’m excited! But I need out of my slump.

So I send it to you readers: Have you been in a slump? Have any awesome-sauce book suggestions to help me outta said slump? Should I just wait it out? Hit me with it in the comment sections.




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