Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Places I Love to Read




I am never good with the freebies. Never. So I struggled coming up with a good topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by The Broke and Bookish. The suddenly my bedroom flooded and I was ousted to my living room. This seems like a weird nonsequeter but stay with me here. My bedroom is my sanctuary, the place where all my books live, where my comfiest blankets live, and where I go to escape. Now, that I’m not able to be in there, I’m having difficulty finding the best place to do some late night reading. It’s effecting me big time. So, I said to myself, I should do a Top 10 of Places I like to Read. 

1. My Room: My room is where all my books live. It’s also where I have a fabulous reclining chair, that is just cushioned enough that I’m comfortable without being so soft I sink. My room is also always freezing, which is how I like it especially for reading purposes. I can’t wait for all the water damage caused by my lovely upstairs neighbors to be fixed, so that I can once again enjoy my favorite spot. 

2. The Library: I love reading in the library, especially if I get a bay window seat. I live in D.C. so the view isn’t great, but I love the hustle and bustle of people. The one thing that effects me is that I get distracted by other books. Reading in the library is minimally effective for me.

3. The Metro: I take a book on the metro (or if you are from anywhere not D.C. or surrounding areas “The Train”). It breaks up the time between trips and if there’s a delay I get more of my reading done.

4. The Gym: Okay, this one is weird. I know. Everyone stares at me, but whatever. I’m a very active person, but I hate going to the gym. Running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical takes the fun out of exercising. I’d much rather be in a ballet class, at yoga, or hiking. But, when it’s -2 degrees outside I’m heading to the gym. Reading while I’m on the elliptical makes the time seem less excruciating and I’m likely to go more than 15 minutes. Plus, I completely found the best spot to lay my books!

5. My Desk: Sometimes when I have a break session I whip out that Kindle app to remind me that there is imagination in the world. Shhhh don’t tell.

6. The Airport/ Planes: I’m a nerd. Nothing excites me more than reading about a place before I actually get there. Somehow that travel guide is 100% more enthralling when I’m actually traveling.

7. Cafe inside Politics and Prose Bookstore: Coffee is my second favorite love. Give me a steamy latte and a great read, especially in the Winter. The only problem is this place is small with limited seating, so sometimes I feel bad taking a table to just read.

8. The Waterfront: I’m not much on the great outdoors. D.C. in the Summer is humid and gross, but we do have the magical Georgetown Waterfront. It’s a great place to have dinner, take a book, and enjoy your own company. Just don’t go during the weekend when it’s tourist central (unless you are a tourist. Then go!)

9. My living room: We have a great couch. Really. It’s memory foam and perfectly formed so that you can lean back on the cushions but not too far back. It’s also the main space for my roommates and I to get together. That means, it’s generally loudish. I can read through a nuclear bomb. In High School I was well known for reading under my desk while chaos erupted. Nothing fazes me when I’m in the zone, except for my roommates. We catch-up, we make plans, we decide to marathon Outlander, and whoosh I have zero time to read. Needless to say, until this work get’s done, I’m going to have to trek to another place to get some books finished.


So, that’s my list. Honestly, I can read anywhere, but these are my favorite places to make a conscious effort to go and read. How about you guys, any favorite places?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Places I Love to Read

  1. Cute list idea! I love reading while traveling and waiting also! It definitely passes the time and why not get in as much reading as possible? Happy reading! 🙂

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