Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I’d Love to Meet




So this weeks Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is all about the top ten authors I’d love to meet. Luckily, this is a pretty easy one fore me, unlike the last few weeks. 

1. J.K. Rowling: She’s my number 1 idol outside of my mom and Anne Boleyn. If I ever met her I’d probably hyperventilate and die. Dramatic but kind of true. 

2. Jennifer L. Armentrout: She has done a ton of signing in and around my area but I never seem to catch her. One of these day…

3. Sarah. J. Maas: I wasn’t a huge fan of the bit I read of the Throne of Glass series, but I love how she writes and I’d love to talk to her about her process. (Cause Imma nerd)

4. E.L. James: Okay, I have major mixed emotions on Fifty Shades of Grey and while it’s entertaining I don’t think it’s extremely well written. That all being said, I’m curious to meet the women who started a crazed phenomena in the Romance world.

5. Cassandra Clare: I’ve missed her at a couple of events, but I’d love to meet her. I’m a big fan of the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, and the pre-teen nerd in me would die.

6.  Richelle Mead: Gahhhh. I’ve been reading Richelle for years, and have never been able to go to one of her events; mostly, because she seems to stick to the West Coast/Mid-West. Come to D.C. Richelle!!

7.  Maggie Stiefvater: Her twitter literally kills me. She seems like the type I’d want to drink tea with and ask crazy, silly question.

8. Gillian Flynn: Her mind must be a dark and twisty place, I love it.

9. Gena Showalter: I love Gena’s books and she has a wonderful social media presence. She just seems so nice and lovely and I’m a huge fan. Plus, she fosters dogs, which only adds to her awesome.

10. Mary E. Pearson: She twisted and turned my heart in “The Kiss of Deception,” so I feel the need to share that with her.


So, that is this week’s list. What did ya’ll think? Has anyone met some of these people?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I’d Love to Meet

  1. J.K. Rowling and Gillian Flynn both made my list. I would love to meet Gillian for the same reason as you — I want to know how she comes up with such dark and twisted plots!

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