Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Female Characters Who Kick Major A**



So for this weeks, Top Ten Tuesday, as hosted by The Broke and Bookish, I decided to focus on Ten Female Characters who kick some a**. Why? you ask. Well my favorite MCs are girls who take charge, girls who don’t take no for an answer, and girls who prove that you can love a guy without having to let him save the day. So, onward, to my list! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment sections. 


1. Hermonie Granger, “Harry Potter” series: Ummm. She’s the smartest witch of her age and darn proud of it. She proves that you don’t have to have brute strength to be a force to be reckoned with; cleverness is just as useful.

2. Katniss Everdeen, “The Hunger Games,” Trilogy: Sure, Katniss becomes a symbol for a revolution, which is great and all, but before that she managed to keep her family from starving which I think is a pretty kick a** thing for a teenage girl to be doing.

3. Claire Randall/Fraser “Outlander,” series: Okay, so this one is not YA, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. Claire is a strong woman who comes about in a time when women still do not have some basic rights, than she gets transported back in time where women really didn’t have any rights. All through this, she manages to make use of her medical training, save her husband from a sadist, and makes the most kick a** decision of all–to stay living in a time without running water…

4. Harper Prince, “Rebel Belle” trilogy: She’s a debutante control freak who also happens to have super strength. Plus, this whole series has a feminist undertone of being able to be coded completely “female” while still being the person who picks up a sword and saves the day. God bless, Rachel Hawkins.

5. Kesteral, “The Winner’s Trilogy”: Kesteral has become one of my favorite kick a** ladies because of how innately conflicted she is between her duty and what she knows is right. Despite being so intelligent, Kesteral makes some very stupid decisions. What makes her so kick a** is her willingness to sacrifice herself for the good of other, even when that does not go as planned. She’s a perfect character because she is imperfect.

6. Alice ‘Ali’ Belle, “White Rabbit Chronicles,”: Ali is a fighter. She fights for her family, for her friends, and for her love. Even when things fall apart, Ali get’s back up and keeps fighting.

7. Anna, “Sweet Trilogy”: Anna also has to fight. But, I think the most poignant thing about her, the most kick a** thing about her, is that her biggest demon is herself. Anna is literally the embodiment of addiction, so ever day she has to resist the little voice in her head tempting her to give into her darkest desires.

8. Rose Hathaway “Vampire Academy” series: Rose kicks total but for obvious reasons, but what makes her my one of my favorite kick a** females is that she has to go through a lot of growing pains to become the renowned dhampir. Plus, there’s that whole, didn’t let her boyfriend turn her into a vampire thing, which I really admired.

9. Sydney Sage, “Bloodlines” series: Sydney was not one of my favorite characters when I was first introduced to her. In fact, I thought she was a total bigot, which is why she ended up making my list. Sure, Sydney is the smartest of the smarts and I like smarts, but ultimately what makes her so awesome is that she puts aside all of her uncomfortable notions to protect people in the name of duty. I mean a lot of people would not do that. Plus, it helps she ends up thinking of them like family and falling in love but still…strong sense of duty.

10. Alice Reeve, “The Collector’s Society” series: This Alice totally SLAYS. I mean if I could write a perfect female character, she would be it. She’s strong minded, strong willed, physically strong, yet can still rock a boho dress and get the hot guy. She embodies our “idealized” femininity while also turning it on it’s head. Wohoo!


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