Throwback Thursday: Unhinged (Splintered Series #2) by A.G. Howard


Title: Unhinged by A.G. Howard

Buy Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Publication Date: January 7, 2014

Genre: YA, Paranormal, Re-telling (kind of)

Synopsis (from ma’ brain): It’s been a year since Alyssa traveled down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. For the most part the year has been normal (re: boring), with minimal netherling interaction–minus, of course, Morpheus. Suddenly, netherling things start to invade the ‘normal’ world. Seems that Alyssa’s fight with Red is far from over, and if she doesn’t kick it into gear soon she risks both her worlds.

Rating: 3.5/5

So, I’m back with a throwback. But, I’m only throwing it kinda back. A few months ago, I discovered the “Splintered” series by A.G. Howard and totally fell in love. Majorly. I loved Alyssa, the anti-heroine; the romance hit the spot; and despite being a re-telling I felt a fresh excitement every time I turned the page. Needless to say, I was eager to pick up the next installments. After finishing “Unhinged,” I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. There were defintely parts I loved–lots of them; yet, this next installment felt like a bridge between two books. I feel as though it set things up to be wrapped up and while I can appreciate this, I did wish for a few more things. Let me break it down:

What I liked: As I said, this series has so, so many strengths. Howard’s writing is poetically descriptive. Sometimes I don’t even care if I know all the rules to her world because she’s trapped me inside with her imagery. There were honestly times were I drifted off daydreaming because of the lushness of her descriptions. God, it was so good! Her world is full of alternatives (realities, characters, rules) and I don’t think another writer would have been successful in bringing this world to life. Howard’s pen is mighty. Now that I’m done being jealous as heck, let’s move to my main man Morpheus. Morpheus is not the typical male lead I’d usually go for but boy is he so well written that I just go to swoonville everytime he and Alyssa interact. Literally, half of my booknotes say “Morpheus=swoon.” What I love most about him is that he’s multi-dimensional without it being totally obvious that he’s multi-dimensional. We know he loves Alyssa and Wonderland, but we really struggle to understand what motivates him to do some of the crap he does. Is it love? Lust? Loneliness? Power? What is your deal Morpheus?? While that’s not totally answered, I felt like the second book begins to flush him out a little. This book is definitely about peeling back Morpheus for us readers.

What I didn’t like: I have to be a little vague on this as not to spoil anything for anyone, but I‘m starting to feel like everyone in this book is in someway connected to Wonderland. I’m going to be disappointed if this takes a “Vampire Diaries/Heroes” turn and we all end up with magic. I also found myself disappointed by the ending. It all just feels kind of busy. Too many villains, too many netherlings, too much confusion for me.

Overall, this was a strong sequel if you loved “Splintered.” The ending starts to get muddles but seeing as how the third book is out all of that can be worked out in a timely manner (I assume lol). I’ll be reading the conclusion ASAP.



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