Review: The Hidden Library by Heather Lyons



Title: The Hidden Library (The Collectors’ Society #2) by Heather Lyons

Publication Date: February 26, 2015

Buy Links: Amazon 

Rating: 5/5

* Note that this is and Adult title and has some sexy situations. Not suitable for the younger folk*

Synopsis: This book continues almost directly after the events of The Collectors’ Society. Finn is now in charge of The Society as his father convalesces from his attach. The gang continues to hunt for those who would destroy the worlds of their beloved stories; however, things don’t go smoothly and hijinx ensue. The ending leaves a huge cliffhanger.

In case you haven’t heard, I absolutely loved The Collectors’ Society it was my favorite book of 2014. I loved the characters, the plot, and Heather Lyon’s general voice. The second I found out the second book was coming out in February I was all over it. I mean really. I could not wait to get my hands on this and see where this story would be going. The Collectors’ Society was wrapped up quite nicely but the same could not be said about the sequel. It was just as amazing but it did not end nicely. I had to wait a week after finishing to actually write this review, because Lyons just destroyed my life. 

What I liked: Alice continues to be one of my absolute favorite book heroins. Not only is she a bad-ass but she is also decidedly feminine. I love the way Lyons develops her so that she doesn’t have to sacrifice being a woman in order to be a leader. It’s a rare thing to see in fiction these days and it’s part of what makes The Collectors’ Society so unique. In this book, we got to learn a lot more about Finn and what motivates him, especially when we begin to look into his past. Again, Lyons’ writes him with such depth that you can’t help but sympathize with him as he struggles to hold The Collectors’ Society together while trying to figure out how to show his feelings towards Alice. Without a doubt, I adored everything about this book, but the way Lyons’ explores and develops her characters is my favorite part of this story. 

What I didn’t like: The ending. Holy cow, thanks for ripping my heart out, piecing it back together, and then ending your story. Really, thank you.

Overall, this was an amazing book. The first installment was all about developing the plot and the central focuses of the story, but in this installment we really get to learn more about our characters. This second book is just as amazing as the first, definitely pick this up. 5/5


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