Throwback Thursday Review: Splintered by A.G. Howard


Title: Splintered by A.G. Howard

Buy Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Publication Date: January 1st, 2013

Rating: 4/5

My Synopsis: Alyssa Garner has grown up thinking her mother’s talk about mythical Alice and Wonderland creatures was simply crazy; pretty easy to understand considering her mother has been in a Sanatorium for years. Turn out, that Alyssa’s mom, not so nuts. When Alyssa begins hallucinating and hearing voices she wonders just how close of a connection she has to Alice Lidell and if the mythical world of Wonderland really exists. When she falls down the rabbit hole with her best-friend and crush Jeb Holt, she begins to learn about a world she never imagined could exist.

So, apparently I’ve been living under a rock for the last few years and totally missed A.G.Howard and this book. Sure, I’ve passed it by a few times but I never stopped to pick it up. I should be drawn and quartered! (Well, okay maybe not that, but I should be smacked). I picked this up on a whim one weekend and found myself absolutely engaged. Holy hand-grenades is this good! Like really, really good. It had enough romance to make me all sappy, enough adventure to keep me turn the page, and the lit nerd in me was blown away by Howard’s take on a book I’ve read a million times (that’s not even a joke because I took a freaking class on Alice in Wonderland). 

What I liked: Alyssa! She was funky. I loved that she wasn’t a typical book-nerd, super shy, awkward, golden-haired heroine. She’s interesting, engaging, but still vulnerable. I loved that the book centered around her quest to discover the secrets of her family, rather than just her relationship with Jeb or Morpheus, though I was a big fan of those parts. Speaking of the love triangles, I hate when authors mess with my emotions this way. I really like Jeb. He’s sweet, reliable, protective, but still edgy enough to be a book boyfriend. I was all about his relationship with Alyssa, until Howard went in and threw Morpheus into the mix. Damn you! He’s just got that bad-boy swag thing I can’t resist. Now, I’m torn and I hate being torn.

What I didn’t like: Sometimes the world got a little confusing and I found myself left with a myriad of questions. (I have a feeling most of them are answered in the subsequent books).

Overall, I loved this. I have the last two books which I will be reading in the near future. A.G. Howard is now on my list of authors to make sure I read! The character’s were amazing, the pacing is just enough to draw you in but not too much that you get lost, and the allusions to the original Alice in Wonderland are hysterical in the way she corrupts them (I mean that in a positive way!). If you are like me and haven’t grabbed this be sure to pick it up!


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