Review: Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green

9781633700321 copy


Title: Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green

Buy Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble,

Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital

Publication Date: February 25, 2015

Rating 3.5/5

This book was given to me as an ARC via NetGalley in turn for an honest review 

Synopsis: Grace and Josh are both dead, which sucks. Grace is an angel and Josh is a demon, but both are vying for the soul of one guy. Said guy is BEYOND creepy and apparently the anti-Christ Despite their missions, Josh and Grace find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another, only problem is that naturally their relationship can’t really go anywhere, or can it.

So, I had some misgivings about this book when I first started it. I’ve been in a little YA rut these days and the beginning of this story was a little to teen like for me. But after the initial tremor, I began to really enjoy the book and the story, which I attribute mostly to the relationship between Josh and Grace.

What I liked: Josh. Oh boy did I like Josh. He had all the right ingredients I need in a book boyfriend. He’s hot, he’s tortured (sometimes literally), and he’s got swag. I like my book boyfriends with a strong dose of cockiness and Josh certainly has it. His relationship with Grace was really the stand out part of the book for me. I was incredibly invested and interested in how they were going to make their star-crossed relationship work. Outside of Josh and Grace the characterization of Cam (potential anti-Christ dude) was spot on, almost to the point where I was like “Woah, that’s disturbing.” The fact that he made me uncomfortable says a lot about Green’s abilities to develop a character. Despite his crazy, I found myself hoping he’d end up a good guy and help out Grace and Josh.

What I didn’t like: For the most part, what I have to say is all positive. I enjoyed the book immensely; however, sometimes I felt like the author was trying too hard to make this teen friendly. Some of the language had me struggling and the beginning was slow enough to make me second guess picking it up. That being said, I’m so glad that I stuck it out.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and if you are interested in the whole demons vs. angels thing than you’ll be interested in picking this up. My advice, is grab it and give it a chance even if you don’t like the beginning. Once the plot picks up this book is hard to put down. 3.5/5

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