Review: The Messenger by Pamela DuMond (A Mortal Beloved Novel)


Title: The Messenger by Pamela DuMond

Buy Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Rating: 2.5/5

So I’ve been experiencing a nasty bout of the flu this holiday season and despite the fact that I have a million books ready to be read I’ve not had the energy to pick one up. I’m in a bit of a book slump as it is, kind of unsure what I want to read next. When I was browsing through NetGalley, I came across “The Messenger” by Pamela DuMond. I’ve read several reviews that have likened the book to the series Outlander, which is one of my absolute favorites, so I thought why not. Well after reading it I have some mixed feelings about the book. It actually took me awhile to write this review because I wanted to really think about my feelings on this piece. I don’t believe in bad reviews, I think every book has something good and bad to offer and I’ve never read a book that I wasn’t fond of in some way, so don’t read this excerpt and think “Wow, she didn’t like it,” because I did, I just didn’t like everything….

Synopsis: A very fragile teenage girl named Madison finds out why her mother disappeared when she was six years old. Turns out Madison is a Messenger (though I’m not entirely sure what that means) and she has the ability to travel through time. She ends up in Colonial Rhode Island where she falls in love with a Native American boy named Samuel. Obviously, their love is doomed for many a reasons. There’s also someone hunting her and the people like her.

What I Liked: I liked the time the Madison spent in the Colonial era, that entire section of the book and the scenes describing King Phillips war were very well researched. DuMond had a way of really grounding her characters in the setting and really making the reader feel like they were in Colonial America. The entire thing felt very well researched and written. In terms of the love story, I was very much into the Samuel and Madison thing, though I wished more of the book was spent exploring that relationship. It all seemed to move very fast, which sucked because I thought their relationship was the highlight of the book.

What I Didn’t Like: I was not a fan of Madison. I’m a big stickler for character development and I felt like she lacked a lot of the things that I typically look for in my protagonist She was like a ghost girl and while I understand that to some extent given the nature of the story, I wished that there was more of a natural progression of her character. The 180 she does by the end of the book does not seem to make much sense. That was another thing I took issue with in the book, the fact that I didn’t seem to understand a lot of things. There were hundreds of questions that were left unanswered and while I understand that this is on the first book I just felt like the existence of these questions made the book feel unfinished.

Overall, this was an interesting read but just felt a little unfinished for my tastes. I’d like to see how the sequel comes along because I think the series has really amazing potential.

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