Top 10: Best Book Covers of 2014

So after a nasty bout of flu this weekend, I’m back and ready to do this. I missed the beginning of the countdown but here I am ready to show ya’ll my favorite book covers of 2014. Please excuse any errors as I am hyped up on a ton of cough syrup and trying to pack for vacation and work at the same time

Final_eCover_450x675 (1)

The Collectors’ Society by Heather Lyons: The colors are so rich and wonderful and I love the sort of old meets new vibe of the entire thing. I’m the type of girl who is drawn to a book based on the cover and this one would catch my eye.


Lailah, by Nikki Kelly: The hands. They freak me out but I’m kind of into them.

queen of someday

Queen of Someday, Sherry Ficklin: Though, I don’t get the whole Russian Princess vibe from the model, I absolutely love the color choices, it has a very snow-like Christmas effect.


Stitching Snow, by R.C. Lewis: This is one of those cover’s where you have to read the book for it to make sense, but then you go “ohhhh, that’s really clever.”


The One, Kiera Cass: I always love a cover where a girl is wearing a fabulous dress. I especially loved this one because of the whole bridal imagery.


Suspicion, by Alexandra Monir: I’ve seen mixed reviews on the book but everyone agrees the cover is brilliant


Compulsion, by Martina Boone: The rich gold hue goes really well with the Fall release this book had. Plus, I love how it has a lot going on but not enough for it to be tacky.


Rebel Belle, by Rachel Hawkins: A pretty pink cover with pearls and a dagger, yes please!


Wicked, by Jennifer L. Armentrout: I have mixed feelings on this one, but I love the deep red floating dress.

Ghost House

Ghost House by, Alexandra Adornetto: It’s delightfully creepy.

8 thoughts on “Top 10: Best Book Covers of 2014

    • Thanks for stopping by! Seems we had a lot of the same favorites. I liked Suspicion well enough but probably wouldn’t have read it had it not been for the cover, which isn’t great to admit, but oh well!

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