Review: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis



I’ve been on a reading kick this week! I’m slowly but surely making it through the stack of books that are piling up around every available surface of my apartment. It’s getting a little out of control and I’m thinking of starting my own library. It has also been especially rainy lately and the perfect weather to curl up with a good book. “Stitching Snow” was covered in dust when I pulled it off my shelf, making me especially remiss. Retelings have been especially popular lately and there are several Snow White books floating around or in the mix. I’m not usually into the fairytale situation, but I thought why not? Thank God I did. I read this book in one sitting , in one morning after saying I’d read the first ten chapters before going to yoga. Yoga didn’t happen, but I managed to add another fantastic book to my Goodreads challenge.

Title: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

Buy Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads

Synopsis: A re-telling, futuristic, fantasy world Snow White, except the Princess is a bad-ass mechanic running from her evil stepmother. She’s hiding out on a cold distant planet where she fixes droids (aka her Seven Dwarves). She meets her Prince Charming who ends up kidnapping her instead of waking her with a kiss. Generally the whole situation was pretty awesome

What I liked: Snow or Essie is a bad ass female character. Not only is she exceptionally intelligent, she’s also a fighter. She defintely has problems, big family ones, but she manages to fight through the things that hold her back and make a difference in her world. Essie is a female character I can totally get behind and one of the strongest ones I have ever encountered in YA, and I’m glad to see a wonderfully independent and realistic new role model. Granted, most girls are fighting against tyrants and trying to bring together an inter-planetary system, but still…While Essie is a totally Destiny’s Child type of chick, there is still a fiery hot romance. Essie manages to find her Prince and he’s totally into the fact that she’s strong as hell. If you aren’t someone who’s way into character development than let’s take a look at the world building. Lewis creates an intricate world set in space. Each planet holds a distinct set of characteristics and a distinct identity. Lewis brings her world to life in 3D technicolor. I was sucked into the lore and the mystery surrounding Snow and the other royals.

What I meh’ed about: I didn’t particularly dislike anything, but I wish there had been more about Essie’s mother. Her story was so intricate to Essie’s motivations but I felt like her story was glossed over. I wanted to learn more about her story with the King. THAT would be a great Prequel (cough cough)

Basically, if you like futuristic plotlines and kick butt female characters than you’ll love this book. 5/5



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