Review: Lailah by Nikki Kelly


So between NaNo and life I have really struggled to find some time to read. There is a large stack of books sitting next to my desk and I’m slowly chipping away at them. I was so excited to start Lailah but I struggled to really engage in the first half. It took a few days and several chapters for me to get hooked but once I did I began to enjoy the story immensely. The only thing I love more than a strong female character is a strong mythology and this definitely has some.

Synopsis: A girl named Cessie encounters a whole mess of vampires. She’s not shocked by this, girl’s been through these things before.Turns out she helps save a hot vampire named Jonah who runs with a hot Angel named Gabriel. He knows Cessie, or as he calls her Lailah. Throw in a ton of Purebreed nonsense and some crazy mythology and you’e got a solid first book.

What I liked: The story itself. The mythology was very riveting and I found myself reading for the sole purpose of trying to figure out what the heck was going down. Kelly did a tremendous job of chalking enough back story in to hook you, but left enough mystery to make it interesting. Not only was the mythology very interesting, but the character’s back-story was super interesting. The introduction of Lailah’s past and introduction of several key events kept the action up.

What I didn’t like: Things moved a little slow…well, maybe slow is not the write word. It just didn’t have enough umph to catch me from the first page like some other books. Lailah/ Cessie was not the most engaging female character and I found the love triangle a little trite.

Overall I liked the book. It was one that grabbed me halfway, but still grabbed me. If you stick with it it’ll grab you too. 3/5 (note, I’m changing my rating systems to coincide with those of Goodreads)

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