Review: The Reluctant Prince by Dani-Lyn Alexander



Synopsis: A hot “Prince” from another world is a Death Dealer, his new target, 17 year old Ryleigh Donovan. Problem is, Prince develops a soft spot for Miss Donovan is does not fulfill his mission, so he’s banished. Hot Prince tries to protect girl only to end up in a whole big mess. Hijinxs ensue when they head back to the Prince’s world and secrets are revealed.

What I liked: The world building in this was really good. I was intrigued by all the courtly dealings and the magic. Plus, DRAGONS. That’s a bonus for you right there. I’m usually not one for world building unless it is done with great skill (think Harry Potter), but I felt like I could really get a feel for the world that Jackson was coming from and how it motivated his character. Speaking of Jackson, HELLLOOO. Maybe it was the cover, maybe it was the Prince thing, or maybe it was the fact that he saved a girl’s life because she was protecting her little sister, but whew boy, he was kind of studly.

What I didn’t like: Ryleigh didn’t really do it for me. I liked her as a character but I also felt like she had some holes in her story (despite the ones that we come to discover at the end) and I really struggled to connect with her as a character. I didn’t hate her, I just wasn’t as sold on her as I wanted to be. What I really wasn’t vibing on was the big reveal. If you can read between the lines, you could figure it out. I wished it was a little less obvious and a little OMFFG, that’s the type of ending I like.

Overall, this was a solid, quick read. I didn’t hate it, but coming off of some of the books I have been reading lately, it didn’t blow my mind. I think there is a really good premise here and I’m excited to read a sequel (I assume there is a sequel) but I’m not going to be lining up to grab it. I’m hoping to see some holes in the plot line and character development fixed if there is a sequel; I really think this has the makings to be something extremely special but right now it is a solid start. 6/10

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