Review: Fever (A Songbird Novel) by Melissa Pearl


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis: You have a girl named Ella who is an orphan; you have a guy named Cole (also an orphan);  you have a control-freak boyfriend named David; add a touch of jazz, shower singing, and college and you have a recipe for a great NA romance.

What I liked: I liked the overall idea of the story and how even though it is a romance it really centers on the two main characters, Ella and Cole, growing up and discovering who they are. Unlike most college students, they lack the added benefit of having their parents there to help sort them out. I thought their romance was sweet and was based on realistic things, like common interest. Yes, there was the typical, boy and girl meet and have mad steamy feelings for each other, but the foil of Ella’s boyfriend David, made it so that the story was not rushed. Ella and Cole didn’t just jump into bed together and fall madly, deeply in love/lust. Instead, Pearl, built a camaraderie between the two, and by the end the reader really felt that they were meant for one another, and not just sexually.

What I raised an eyebrow on: I liked Ella, really, but come on girl! Sheesh, she frustrated the heck out of me. I’m someone who likes a strong, female character, and Ella was simply not doing it for me. I found it a little difficult to understand how the death of her parents changed her so drastically. I just felt like something was missing from her character development. I was waiting for her crazy to be explained more thoroughly. I did like that at the end, she’s able to have a really wonderful and mature discussion with her ex-David.  Also, how did Cole manage to get that band from Chicago to Washington in like half-a-second?? I’m not great with geography but, but I assume that’s a long trip…

Biggest Surprise: DAVID! At no point in this story did I hate him. Yes, he was unknowingly standing in the way of Ella and Cole, and yes, he was kind of self-centered, but overall he was a normal 20-something control freak. I actually felt bad for him and his very public and undeserved humiliation. The ending conversation between him and Ella was probably my favorite part of the book. It was wonderfully written and really highlighted what happens in most young romances, they fall apart for no better reason than incompatibility. The fact that he makes Ella take responsibility for her part in their demise was just amazing. Way not to be a douche David!

Overall, I really liked this book. I’m not always a huge Contemporary reader, but I liked the sweetness of Fever. It was very well written and progressed at a realistic pace. 7/10

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