Wishlist Wednesday

So October is a big month for books! Basically, my paychecks hate me. Even when I am lucky enough to receive ARC copies, I love having my own copy of my favorite book, all shiny and new, with that new book smell. According to my roommate, I’m a little crazy-town. But being a book lover isn’t just about the read, it’s about the entire experience. Going into a book store and browsing is part of the way I discover new authors.


I’m lucky enough to live in a great city, with a great author presence, and right down the street from a FANTASTIC independent bookstore. Seriously, sometimes I go there because I’m having a  horrible day and need to be surrounded by all the things I love, coffee, books, banangrams. That being said, going to Barnes and Noble is just as great, just a different type of experience. Either way, this month, I’m going to be doing a bit of the independent browse, as well as, the whole chain thing. I’ve got a list of what I have to read, but be sure to post suggestions below, or tell me what’s on your list.


                Reading Wishlist for October 

main2  20759498 9781250051516

719qLPp3MDL 18106985 Only

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