Review: Midnight Runes by Celeste Buie

Midnight Runes Cover

I received a copy of this book for an honest review and so you shall have an honest review. Let me preface this by saying I’ve been on a lot of coffee lately. Now, that it is finally starting to get cold here in D.C. I can drink latte’s without sweating to death, or sit in my favorite coffeehouse/bookstore without freezing to death. Anyway, enough about the weather and onto the review!

Synopsis: This book follows Brynn Emerson, a normal girl who has what she thinks is a normal, perfect boyfriend named Trevor. Problem is, Trevor has been acting way shady lately and Brynn has no idea why. Eventually, Trevor decides to call it quite leaving Brynn, understandably, heartbroken. Enter Landon. Or what I like to refer to as, ‘the nice rebound.’ Only problem is, he seems to know Trevor and also seems a bit shady. Add in some strange dreams on Brynn’s part and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a paranormal love-triangle.

What I liked: Landon and Brynn. Gosh, they were so cute and their relationship felt really natural. It was very odd to me to be reading a book where the girl has a boyfriend in the beginning and you don’t get that whoosh of unrealistic, die for you romance that you often find in this genre, but the realism of Landon and Brynn’s relationship was actually kind of nice. I also wanted to know, WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON! Usually, I’m pretty good at deducing the inner-mystery, but this book alluded me up until the reveal (? I’m putting a question mark because we don’t get full answers here). Buie, set me up to want to read the next book in this series and she did so beautifully. Darn it.

What I didn’t like: The pacing was really slow. There I said it. But, honestly, I felt like Buie could have revealed a lot more, or expanded upon certain things if the plot picked up pace. I stuck around, but at times I found it difficult to get excited.

What I Meh’ed on: Trevor. Dude. WTF. Like a typical book-boyfriend he was super bi-polar and sometimes it felt a little less sexy and a lot more annoying.

Overall, this was a fairly good read. Yes, there are some slow parts, but if you like trying to suss out a book the mystery in this one will hold your attention. I’m excited to see how it unfolds in the next installment 6.5/10

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