Review: The Forsaken By Kristen Day


So I have been mulling over what to write in terms of the “Forsaken,” by Kristen Day for about a week now. I was torn because a huge part of me liked certain things and another part of me was a little confused. The Forsaken follows a young girl named Hannah or as she later becomes, Stasia, who discovers that she is actually part of a world that contains sea God and Goddesses, even though she spent most of her life assuming that she had been abandoned by her family. At a secret boarding school she discovers the truth, hijack ensue, and of course, she falls in love.

What I liked: Overall, I liked Hannah/Stasia as a character. She was, for the most part, a strong female lead, and even a little tragic. Her story of being abandoned and raised in a multitude of abusive and unsafe foster homes brought a very real element to the story. I also liked they mythology that was being used. This was the first time I saw something like this in a YA book, and it a really refreshing take on the idea of Gods and Goddesses of the sea.

What I didn’t like: I understood that this story was about Hannah/Stasia and Finn but the secondary characters were kind of made useless, which was sad because I enjoyed the girlfriend vibes of Hannah/Stasia’s roommates. Also, the name change! I mean, I get it, but it felt kind of hookie, especially to go by Stasia, which is not usually a nickname of the Russian Anastasia (Natasha would have been more appropriate). My last HUGE gripe with this was the way Hannah’s family was portrayed. I didn’t feel natural that a family who adopted her would be so cruel, and would be totally cool with her just leaving to go to a random boarding school. I don’t understand the point of her having an adopted family if that was ultimately their role.

Overall, this was a quick read and though I had a few WTF moments it was fairly interesting, especially because I love to see a new take on myths. 6/10


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