Review: Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

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A few months ago, when “Vampire Academy,” came out on DVD and I laughed/cried/laughed again/wished Adrian was involved, I decided to re-read “Vampire Academy.” I love reading novels again and again, it’s like chicken soup, full of comfort. Well, a good friend of mine (shoutout Jess) was all “HAVE YOU READ BLOODLINES??!!” I vaguely remembered staring the first book a few years back and not really keeping up on it. I grabbed it from the library to see what it was all about. I doubted I’d be as into it without Rose, but it was Summer and I was on vacation for a second so what the heck…I ended up catching up on the series in two weeks…yea..

Synopsis: “Silver Shadows,” follows Sydney in Alchemist prison-hell while Adrian goes of the deep end of crazy for a hot second. Naturally, she gets out–eventually–but after that hi jinxes ensue. There’s a wedding, a few visits to court, some general bad-assery,and a whole mess-load of human/Moroi/ Dhamphir interaction.

What I liked: Adrian’s response to Sydney being taken is true to his character. Adrian is my favorite character across all of the “Vampire Academy,” and “Bloodlines” novels and I’m glad that he has grown, but that Mead also isn’t writing him unrealistically. He’s always been the guy who would sacrifice everything for those he loves, but he’s also kind of a hot-mess. When Sydney is taken, he tries but is really all over the globe–makes sense. I was really suprised how much I liked the novel, especially since we didn’t get a lot of the usual gang, and we especially didn’t get a lot of Sydney and Adrian’s relationship cuteness. That all being said, the progression of events made sense and it made it so the ending (which is spectacularly amazballs) wasn’t super trite and cheesy.

What I Meh-ed on: Seriously? It took all over an hour to put a Wedding Ceremony together…it takes me longer than that to even blow-dry my hair and put make-up on. I call BS.

What I didn’t Like: Where is everyone? I get that this is mostly focused on Sydney, but I felt really let down that we only got brief glimpses into the gangs life up until the end shocker. I LOVE Jill and Eddie, I need them more flushed out here, not simply mentioned and then exploded in my face.

Overall, another fantastic addition to The Bloodlines family. I can’t wait until Winter to get the next one. This thing ends on a cliffhanger like you wouldn’t believe! (8/10)


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