Review: Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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I know, it’s been kind of awhile since I’ve actually reviewed anything. Turns out the end of Summer was busier than I had expected. But, I’m back and ready to attempt to review more often…I said attempt because September is likely to be just as insane as August #sorry 😦  Anyway, on to my review…

Synopsis: So if you haven’t read any of the other books in the LUX series, let me start by saying you are going to need to do that, ASAP. I actually don’t know why you are still reading this blog and not on Amazon…

If you have read the series than you know that this is the ending to a long, long journey for Katy and Daemon. “Opposition” begins a little bit after the last book ended and right from the start we get some SERIOUS action. We also get a serious heart-attack because once again Katy and Daemon are not together. I have this theory that JLA is trying to kill me. She doesn’t know me, but I must have wronged her somehow, somewhere, because everyone one of her books just leaves me emotionally and physically distraught. She is the Beyonce of the lit world…is that too much? Well, whatever, she’s awesome. Needless to say,  “Opposition,” takes you through all kinds of craziness, including the return of the Arum (cause obviously), and a little baby Origin. 

What I liked: Nearly everything, which is rare for me. I usually find something to nit-pick at cause I have English major syndrom. What I especially liked was the way everything tied together, and I mean EVERYTHING.  I don’t know if JLA had a huge plot plan when she started, but she certainty tied everything up really nicely. I also enjoyed the hot, steaminess of Katy and Daemon, but that was just a given.

What I meh’ed on: Two things really. Possibly two small things, but they kind of made me go WTF, The dead person–okay there are a lot of dead ppl in this book, but if you’ve read it you should know specifically who I am talking about–was a major duh factor but still absolutely heartbreaking. Killing that particular person off, even if they were a secondary characters, at best, was just gut-wrenching to read. And the baby. Really? I hate when teenagers have babies, even mystical ones. I start to get PTSD flashbacks to “Breaking Dawn,” and I just can’t take it seriously.


So guys, end of an era. I feel really sad to say goodbye to the Lux universe, but I can’t wait for “Stone Cold Touch,” in November and JLA’s new series she’s been teasing. “Opposition,” itself was a wonderfully, thrilling ending, and you won’t be disappointed. 9/10


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