Review: Of Poseidon, by Anna Banks


So a friend of mine lent this to me forever ago and told me it was a must read. She knows how much I love anything deal with the mythical and figured it was right up my alley. That was 4 months ago. This past weekend she asked me to dog-sit and I decided I should read this so I could make sure it finally made it’s way back on her bookshelf. Someone should kick me in the face for waiting so long.  I finished this in about 2 days and grabbed the sequel just as quickly. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way, along with a Netflix addiction, and I haven’t been able to finish–once I do, I’m sure I’ll be singing it’s praises.

Synopsis: Girl named Emma meets hot guy at the beach. Her friend dies in a shark attack (sad) and Emma feels all kinds of unhappy returning to her home in Jersey. Hot guy aka Galen is there. He has a secret. He is a Syrena Prince, which is basically a merman, but don’t say that to his face. Turns out, Emma might be a Syrena, or she may be something else. Read and find out.

What I liked: The characters. Emma was so likeable, as was Galen. Banks wrote the novel in alternative POVs so you really understood each character and got to know them. Emma is a very strong girl and I like that she wasn’t pushed over the edge by either what she learned about Syrena’s, her friends death, or what she eventually discovers about her own family. I’m always draw to a strong female character and Emma certainly was one. Besides the characters, I loved the pacing of the book. The story moved quick and every chapter was filled with action. I hate books that drag and Banks certainly could not be accused of that.

What I didn’t like: Ummm, where are all the normal folks? Where is Emma’s sidekick. Emma felt very alone to me, surrounded by Syrena’s and Galen only. She didn’t have anyone to talk things through with and I feel like that generally makes a book more interesting, or at the very least creates a readers investment.

Overall, I loved it. It was fast-paced and the romance was on point.  8/10

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