Review: The Kiss of Deception, Mary E. Pearson


Synopsis:  A girl named Lia who also happens to be the Princess of a fantasy land and decides to run away from an arranged marriage. Throw in a Prince, Assassin, and some weird magic mojo and you’ve got “The Kiss of Deception,” by Mary E. Pearson.

What I liked: I really loved that the book is told in three POV’s-Lia’s, the Prince, and the Assassin. What I liked even more is that you are not sure which male character is the Prince and which is the Assassin. The writing itself was incredible. Pearson is a very poetic in her writing and paints a very visual picture of her make-believe land. Not only was the writing extremely beautiful and incredible, but the story felt very fresh. Sure, we’ve all ready Princess with magical powers before, but this just felt so different.

What I meh-ed: The ending. Really!! Ugh. This was just a personal preference type of thing–I like my stories wrapped up in a bow and this was definitely not wrapped up. Just when my two favorite characters are reunited, the book freaking ends. It was like watching the season finale of your favorite show only for it to end the second things blow up.

What I took Issue With: The love triangle. It did not feel very flushed out. Spoiler Alert: The Assassin and The Prince both fall in love with Lia, though it’s really confusing what motivates the Assassin to take an interest. It felt very forced and not entirely interesting.

Basically, if you are into YA Fantasy you need to pick this up. It is totally worth the hype and you won’t regret it. I am already eagerly awaiting the sequel. 9/10

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