Review: Rebel Belle By Rachel Hawkins


So, I’ve basically been dying to read this book since I saw it as a preview on Amazon a few months back–I mean look at the cover, who wouldn’t want so read something so pink, beautiful, and knife like. Needless to say, I was really excited about the book.

Rebel Belle follows Alabama Belle, Harper Price as she finds herself wrapped up in an ancient battle and subsequently becomes responsible for protecting her arch-nemesis David Stark.

What I liked: The whole Southern aspect. Hawkins really creates a richness to the setting and even her characters personality by the way she plays up the Southerness of everything. I have a weird obsession with the South that has culminated in a love of sweet tea and Southern drawls.  I also really liked the dynamic between Harper and David. They have a sweet innocence about them that was really endearing.

What I didn’t like: Honesty, I found the plot a lil’ on the confusing side.  It’s never really fully and truly explained why David is super important. I also kind of disliked the ending. The build-up was amazing, but the ending was slightly lack-luster.

Overall, I would recommend picking this up. It was a great read and really fun. I give it a 7/10

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