Review Remix: White Hot Kiss, By Jennifer L. Armentrout


So remember that time, I wrote this review and totally didn’t post it correctly?! I’m calling this my Review Remix.

Holy crap!! I really needed something after coming off of “City of Heavenly Fire.” It gave me the post-reading blues. I wanted it to be something and I left feeling unsatisfied. Enter, “White Hot Kiss,” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I love her. I read The Lux series before I knew she was kind of a big deal, and then I won her “Wait for You” series when I attended Wendy Higgins “Sweet Reckoning” release back in April. Basically I’ve become a fan-girl. That all being said, I was like gargoyles fighting demons WTF?? But JLA made me love aliens, so I was like, what the heck.

Wow, I finished this in two days, and that’s because I have this thing called a job that steals me away for 8hrs. Let me start by saying, don’t judge a book by the synopsis on the back, because admittedly I did find this one a tad silly. The story follows, 17 year old Layla who is Half-Warden and Half-Demon. Layla is your average 17 year old girl, except she has the ability to see human souls and the desire to consume them via her kiss–makes dating a little difficult. Enter two hot boys, ones a demon named Roth, the other a Warden named Zayne, and you have my favorite thing in the world–a love triangle of the supernatural variety.

What I liked: D.C. The story is set in the city and I love how JLA used it so beautifully. I live in the city and I loved that it finally got to play a role in a book–at least one that I read. It really is a magically diverse place, and I like the idea that Constitution Ave. is home to some ancient biblical type stuff. Speaking of biblical, I love the lore. Any book that has a good back story rooted in myth, legend, or the bible is my kind of jam. She even made a few tasteful Supernatural nods–you go girl, loved it. And obviously, I love the writing. JLA is so sassy and I love it!

What I Mehed on: I didn’t outright dislike anything, a rarity for me. But I didn’t LOVE Layla. There was a whole addiction subtext that I really respected, but she whined a little too much for my overall taste. It made sense, but I still kind of wanted to smack her. The boys, okay the demon boy, really carried the character side of this for me. With that all being noted, Layla towards the end started growing a bit more backbone. She started to become someone I could get behind and I’m really excited to see her next move.

Sadly, I thought the sequel was already out and planned to start ASAP, alas I will have to wait till the Fall. If only I had a time machine. Oh well. In the meantime, you should all get your butts in gear and pick this up. I feel like it need a deeper following and given that I’m a little obsessed I want to help make that happen. I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks. 8.5/10

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